Here we present our projects and designs.
Convince yourself of our versatility and our love for the product.



The SHARK is the first joint project of our founders Ehsan Aghdami and Petros Kraitsis. The boat is entirely made of aluminum and impresses with its clear edges. The extraordinary sense of detail leads to a design of an iconic boat. Awarded with the German Design Award 2017.



This extraordinary street lamp can only be described as minimalistic and fascinating. The special feature are the fold-out arms, which can provide more or less light depending on your needs. This is not only fascinating, it is also a positive aspect when it comes to light pollution. Awarded with the Lionel Design Prize 2013 and the European Aluminum Award 2014.




Ehsan Aghdami developed the asymmetrical suspension lamp Khayyám Eclipse for his thesis at the HBK Braunschweig. The inspiration came from the Persian philosopher Omar Khayyám and from a great interest in space. This resulted in 8 variants of the lamp based on the planets of our solar system. The rear view is reminiscent of a solar eclipse and was the namesake of the lamp. It is also listed in the IF World Design Guide.


Nowadays the challenges of an aging society are clearly felt. The daily intake of medication is an essential aspect. With MEDiA we support people who are dependent on help. A completely reduced operation and an intelligent system ensure real independence and thus a piece of quality of life.