We love great products.

Industrial design is our passion. We love to create meaningful, deliberate and timeless products for our customers. With constant dedication and unconventional thinking we deliver convincing results.

Our recipe for you

Every new project requires a tailor-made solution. Nevertheless, we have three basic ingredients that make a successful product for us.


Logic describes the basic law of the product.

What should it be able to do?
What is the purpose of it?


Emotion brings the product to life. It ensures that people can build a relationship with the product and appreciate it.

Who is the target group?


Magic creates the true fascination for the product. Magic cannot be planned, it can only be experienced. Our goal is to give each of our designs a spark of magic.

How do we inspire people?

Our projects

An extraordinary street lamp, a striking sports boat with 600 hp or an innovative hair dryer. Our product portfolio is very diverse. This shows our keen interest in the world of products and is also a sign of the large number of industries that we serve.